A for “All Good”

This blog serves my vocal franchise and your own chance to think that you needn’t be a prolific writer, baller or player to be a blogger.

I, Praveen Mehta, a recovering narcissist, fails to believe in defining a lifetime in one caption, hence this typescript.

An engineering drop out, a single exam shy from my degree, as I went to see the movie “Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi” with my girlfriend then, wife now. My state then, continues to remain the same now. Although I am a pathological romantic, I must admit I am a marginal contributor in most of my closest relationships.

Just like love, living has been kind too as I have been able to support an ever-demanding wife and an overfed child. Have bred a son, who incidentally loves me back in equal measure, calls himself a full-time designer, a random drummer and and a lifetime dreamer.


Although I lived an anonymous life in school and college, took glory in sharing the bench with some very fine and learned people and while sharing space with some great mentors, I now share a bed with one too beautiful woman.

As for my belief, for the world I breathe with, I pledge, if not more I would surely refill what I deplete.


For a person who tries to find a sweet aftertaste of bitter and beauty in barren, I believe baring a blemish is glorifying it. Today, I have no qualms in saying that I had a unilateral, unrequited and undeclared crush on a school teacher twenty-years older and now my salsa teacher twenty-years younger.

Residing in Mumbai, I work with motley crew of about 30, taking position on textile raw-materials (just a better term for trading) to pay for my passions.




Celebrate life, just saying.

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